The Measuring Spoon

Case overview

Working with The Measuring Spoon, we had the delightful task of building a unique brand identity and an e-commerce website that reflected their homey and cozy essence. This journey harmoniously blended aesthetics with functionality, aligning perfectly with the client’s vision.

The Brief

The client desired a logo in a beautiful shade of Vista Blue (#9bd1bf), with the inclusion of a rolling pin, a spoon, and a whisk — key symbols of their baking business. The design had to radiate simplicity, elegance, and a touch of homeliness. Following the successful logo design, the assignment evolved to include the development of an e-commerce website to integrate their Etsy store and feature a custom cake order form.

Our Approach

Our design team crafted a logo by meticulously incorporating all the elements desired by the client into an elegant and simple design. The resulting logo resonated with homely warmth and charm.

For the website, we developed a cozy, user-friendly e-commerce platform, integrating their Etsy store for a seamless shopping experience. A distinguishing feature of the website was the custom cake order form, enabling customers to customize their orders, thus adding a unique personal touch to the bakery’s services.

The Results

The client was thrilled with their logo, which perfectly represented their brand. Similarly, the website also received accolades for its inviting aesthetics and user-friendly interface, particularly the integrated Etsy store and the custom cake order form.


boost in online sales


Surge in custom orders


Client Satisfaction