Out of the Woodz

Case overview

Ziva Media collaborated with Out of the Woodz to build a comprehensive online course platform that required intricate video hosting and secure payment system integrations, similar to platforms like Udemy, while ensuring a seamless user experience and robust security protocols

The Challenge

One of the key challenges we faced in developing a website for Out of the Woodz client was integrating video hosting and payment systems for the video courses. The client wanted to host her video courses on the website, similar to a platform like Udemy, and have a secure and user-friendly system for uploading and storing videos. This required the integration of a video hosting platform into the website and setting up a system for visitors to access and view the video courses.

In addition to the video hosting, the client also wanted to have a payment gateway integrated into the website for purchasing the video courses. This required careful planning and the implementation of a secure payment system that would ensure the protection of sensitive financial information and ensure a seamless checkout experience for visitors.

Both the video hosting and payment integration posed technical challenges and required a strong understanding of website development and security protocols. It was important to balance the technical requirements with the user experience, ensuring that the website was easy to use and provided a great experience for visitors.

Our Solution

To meet the requirements of hosting video courses and integrating payment systems, we proposed creating a micro-site specifically for the video courses. This would allow the main website to remain focused on promoting the health coaching services, while the micro-site would provide a dedicated space for hosting the video courses. This would also prevent the main website from becoming too heavy and slow to load, which is important for a positive user experience and good search engine rankings.

For the video hosting, we recommended using a platform like Bunny. Bunny is a reliable and user-friendly video hosting platform that provides high-quality video streaming and hosting services. This would allow the client to easily upload, store, and manage the video courses on the micro-site.

For the payment integration, we proposed using Stripe as the payment partner. Stripe is a secure and widely used payment gateway that integrates seamlessly with a variety of websites and platforms. This would provide the client with a reliable and secure payment system for accepting payments for the video courses.

Overall, the solution we provided to the client was designed to meet the technical and business requirements of hosting video courses and integrating payment systems while also providing a great user experience for visitors. The micro-site solution would ensure that the main website remained focused and fast-loading, while the video hosting and payment integration would provide the client with the tools and systems they needed to successfully sell the video courses online.

The Results

The result of the website development project was outstanding and exceeded the client’s expectations. The client loved the new micro-site for the video courses, which provided a modern, user-friendly, and optimized platform for hosting and selling the courses.

The integration of Bunny for video hosting and Stripe for payment processing was seamless and provided a high-quality experience for visitors. Customers were able to easily purchase the courses, and their personal accounts were automatically created and populated with the purchased courses. This allowed customers to access the courses at their convenience and watch the videos at any time.

The website received positive feedback from customers and the client was extremely satisfied with the end result. The combination of a well-designed micro-site, reliable video hosting, and secure payment processing made it easy for the client to sell the courses and reach a wider audience. The website met all of the technical and business requirements, and provided a great user experience for visitors. It was truly a successful project and the client was thrilled with the results.


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