Healing Roots Ecotheraphy

Case overview

In a synergistic collaboration with Healing Roots Eco Therapy, Ziva Media undertook the challenge of creating a serene, minimalist website that effectively mirrored the client’s ecotherapy-focused counseling and therapy services. Providing a diverse range of therapies such as EMDR, talk therapy, and ecotherapy, Healing Roots caters to a broad spectrum of clients, including adults, teens, and children. Their vision was a design that resonated with the peaceful essence of their work, and that was exactly what we aimed to deliver.

The Brief

Healing Roots sought a web presence that captured the serenity and simplicity of their ecotherapy approach. They wanted a design that was clean and uncluttered, yet powerful in its message. Moreover, the client emphasized the importance of user-friendly navigation, given the wide demographic they serve. The site also needed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring optimal usability and aesthetics across all devices.

Our Approach

With the client’s unique requirements at the heart of our strategy, we set out to develop a minimalist, intuitive website that encapsulated the essence of ecotherapy. We prioritized clear, user-friendly navigation and designed with a mobile-first approach. Our team focused on creating a visual language that would resonate with users, integrating soothing color schemes, intuitive layouts, and imagery inspired by nature to reflect the ecotherapy practices.

The Results

The resulting website stood as a testament to the client’s philosophy and our meticulous design approach. The client was thrilled with the outcome, noting that it perfectly reflected their ecotherapy practices. They reported receiving numerous compliments from their customers on the site’s aesthetics and ease of navigation, particularly on mobile devices.


Increase in average session


Increase in mobile conversions


Client satisfaction rate