Brian Abraham

Founder & Digital Navigator

Global Endeavors to Local Impact: My Digital Journey

My journey in the digital realm began in India, where I had the privilege of working with one of the top digital agencies. Collaborating with esteemed clients such as P&G, Tata Trusts, Reliance Mobile, Splash Fashion, and Red Bull, I gathered invaluable insights and honed my skills in the dynamic world of digital marketing. Seeking further knowledge, I transitioned to Canada, completing my Post Graduation in Digital Marketing.

Today, I’m deeply invested in Thunder Bay’s digital landscape, assisting a myriad of businesses in marking their impressive online presence. I’m proud to be a part of the Digital Service Squad, an initiative by the Thunder Bay & District Entrepreneur Centre, committed to fostering digital growth for businesses. My heart genuinely beats for guiding small businesses online, crafting strategic marketing roadmaps, and building SEO-optimized websites. My mission? To transform digital aspirations into tangible success.