North Branch Meadow

Case overview

North Branch Meadows, with a reputation for offering locally-sourced, fresh farm produce since 2010, approached ZIVA MEDIA with an intriguing and multifaceted challenge. The task was to design a brand identity that would weave together the essence of their diverse offerings, from farm animals to vegetables.

The Brief

North Branch Meadows wanted a logo that not only depicted their vast range of farm animals but also showcased the plethora of vegetables they produce. Given the multitude of elements to incorporate, the challenge was to create a design that was both comprehensive yet uncomplicated and resonated with the farm’s ethos.

Our Approach

Understanding the importance of each element to the client, we took a layered approach. We started by brainstorming key symbols and shapes that represented the farm’s produce without overcrowding the design. We opted for a circular design, where different sections portrayed specific offerings, ensuring every element had its space and significance. To avoid visual chaos, we made use of complementary colors and maintained uniformity in design elements.

Another significant component of this project was designing the sticker for their egg carton and vegetable box. Keeping the primary design elements consistent, we tailored the stickers to uniquely represent the contents of each carton or box. The stationery set followed the same design philosophy, ensuring brand consistency across all touchpoints.

The Results

The resulting logo was a harmonious blend of all the elements that North Branch Meadows stands for. It was an elegant, concise representation of their diverse farm offerings without feeling cluttered or overwhelming. The client was beyond pleased with our ability to translate their vision into a tangible design, further solidifying their trust in ZIVA MEDIA’s design expertise. The stickers and stationery not only maintained brand consistency but also added a touch of charm to their products, making them stand out in the market.