Thunder Bay Eye Care Branding

Case overview

Our collaboration with Thunder Bay Eye Care was an exciting journey, crafting a unique brand identity for a practice deeply rooted in the local community for over 20 years. Beyond branding, our partnership extended into establishing their digital presence, running engaging ad campaigns, and creating compelling social media content.

The Brief

Our goal was to create a brand identity for Thunder Bay Eye Care that reflected their decades-long presence in the community and their commitment to eye care. Following the branding success, we were entrusted with setting up their social media presence, creating engaging content, and driving their digital marketing efforts.

Our Approach

In the logo, we wove together the unique elements that make Thunder Bay Eye Care special. We conceptualized a design with an eye that cleverly incorporated the sun, Lake Superior, and the ‘Sleeping Giant’ – Thunder Bay’s iconic landmark.

Transitioning to digital marketing, we set up their social media pages, designed targeted ad campaigns, and organized engaging contests to foster a stronger connection between Thunder Bay Eye Care and its audience.

The Results

The resulting logo perfectly encapsulated the identity of Thunder Bay Eye Care, leading to a significant appreciation from the client and the community. Our subsequent digital marketing efforts led to increased engagement and visibility for the brand online, with notable increases in social media growth, customer engagement, and new customer inquiries.


Client Satisfaction


increase in social media following


rise in new customer inquiries